Fun with Water

Publisher: Five Mile Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781741785876
Packaged by: Paddlepop Press

This super fun activity book is packed with entertaining and educational games, puzzles, creative activities, recipes, craft ideas, stickers and create-a-scenes! Join the Play School toys as they go on an amazing adventure in the special 30 minute DVD. It's time to open your child's mind to the delights of creative learning fun with this fantastic title! This book includes: a special 30 minute Play School DVD, reusable stickers, two write and wipe mazes and a double page create-a-scene and activities to enjoy.

Seaside Dream

Publisher: Lee and Low Books (2010)
ISBN: 9781600603471
Author: Janet Costa Bates

As family and friends arrive from near and far for Grandma's seventieth birthday, Cora is surrounded by excited shouts and laughter and the smells of favorite Cape Verdean dishes cooking. Everyone's getting ready for the big beach party tomorrow, but Cora still doesn't know what to give Grandma as a present. It has to be something special.

The Journey: Stories of Migration

Publisher: The Blue Sky Press (2006)
ISBN: 0590307177
Author : Cynthia Rylant

From clouds of butterflies to herds of caribou, many creatures spend their lives moving from one place to another. here is a fascinating introduction to the concept of migration and six animals that make extraordinary journeys throughout their lives.

Swimming With Dolphins

Publisher: Blue Sky Press (2004)
ISBN: 0439472571
Author: Lambert Davis

Come along and join the fun as two island swimmers dive, spin, glide, and leap with a playful pod of dolphins. Here is a celebration of ocean life and the miracles of our natural world.

Whales Passing

Publisher: The Blue Sky Press (2003)
Author: Eve Bunting

Graceful yet powerful, orca whales are masters of the sea. In this book, a boy and his father watch from a cliff as a pod of whales surface, leap above the waves, and plunge into the ocean.

The Snow Bear

Publisher: Margaret Hamilton Books (2000)
US Publisher: Scholastic (2001)
ISBN: O439269776
Author: Liliana Stafford

She came into town in the autumn to feed at the dump. Her cubs had been killed by hunters and she was weary... Liliana Stafford's story of a lifelong friendship between a boy and a polar bear was inspired by the annual visit of polar bears to Churchill, Canada.

Willie's Wallabies

Publisher: Island Heritage Publishing (2000) 
ISBN: 0896104257
Author: Suzanne Kita

This book was inspired by a true story of two Australian wallabies who escaped from a private zoo and colonized a remote valley on one of the Hawaiian Islands.

Baby Whales Drink Milk

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishing (1994)
Author: Barbara Juster Esbensen

Whales may seem like enormous fish, but they are really mammals like dogs and cats and people. They breath air through lungs, they are warm blooded, and theyhave hair. Baby whales even drink milk - just like you!

Rikki - Tikki - Tavi

Publisher: Harcourt Chidren's Books (1992)
ISBN: 0152670157
Author: Rudyard Kipling

When a young Indian mongoose is rescued and befriended by a small boy and his parents, he begins a life-and-death struggle to protect his newly adopted family from the deadly cobras living in the gardens surrounding the family home.

Trouble Dolls

Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books (1991)
ISBN: 0152907904
Author: Jimmy & Savannah Jane Buffet 

Lizzy Rhineheart's father, a famous environmentalist, has crashed his seaplane in the Florida Everglades. It is up to Lizzy to rescue him, and, with the help of four magic trouble dolls, she and her dog Spooner, set off on a dangerous mission.

The Dark Way

Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books (1990)
ISBN: 015222341X
Author: Virginia Hamilton

The twenty-five stories in The Dark Way are like searchlights turned on our inner selves. Within the phantasmal glare we view what we dare not think on when the light is out.

The Bells of Christmas

Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books (1989)
ISBN: 0152064508
Author: Virginia Hamilton

Here is a traditional story that shares with us Christmas, 1890, and celebrates the continuing joy of Christmas as we know it today. Let us rejoice with this loving family when relatives came to visit on a Great Day long ago.

The Terrible Hodag

Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books (1989)
ISBN: 0152847502
Author: Caroline Arnold

For more than a hundred years, tales of the Hodag have been told around campfires in the northern woods. Now Caroline Arnold, inspired by tales she heard as a young camper in Wisconsin, tells the story anew.

The Jolly Mon

Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books (1988) 
ISBN: 015405305
Author: Jimmy & Savannah Jane Buffett

An original tale where music and enchantment, pirates and trickery, friendship and the loyalty of a very special dolphin, create a timeless story of adventure.